5 decisive steps toward smashing your career goals

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I learned about the ‘infinite monkey theorem’ a few months ago, and it was a light-bulb moment for me.

“A monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type any given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare.”

I did some maths and discovered that a monkey has a 2% chance of constructing a meaningful four-letter word if it randomly hits any four keys on a standard typewriter. …

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The 5 things I learned at my dream job

After 42 months of working to build an organization that I love, I have decided to leave my dream job at SAP today.

I am profoundly grateful for every moment of the journey along the way. Thank you, SAP, for allowing me to become a part of something bigger than myself and the opportunity to contribute toward making the world a better place. I especially want to thank everyone who stood by my side on this journey. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to work hard, have fun, and create memories together.

A 15 minutes crash course on machine learning for busy professionals

If you ever tried to read articles about machine learning on the internet, most likely you came across two types of them—cryptic algebraic texts entrusted to a secret society of statisticians and data scientists. And fluffy fairytales of how robots will take over the world by 2025.

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Machine learning has been an invisible part of our lives for many years now. In fact, it dates back to the 1950s. Today, many businesses rely on this technology. If you use the internet, you have somewhat helped companies like Facebook, Google, Netflix, and Amazon train their machine learning models.

Since this technology is so widely adopted and promises to solve some of our world's most complex problems, now would be a good time as any to catch up on the state of things regarding this emerging phenomenon. …


Muhammad Saad Ashfaq

Saad writes about business growth and emerging technologies | Purpose Coach | Innovation Architect at SAP

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